The First Tee of Raritan Valley

Which of The First Tee Nine Core Values has helped you the most on your personal journey to become a better student, citizen, golfer or better prepared for life?

Perseverance is defined as persistence in doing something despite difficulty in achieving success. Mastering this core value takes effort but it can also be rewarding for success later in life. As a Junior in High School, I have to deal with huge workloads such as school assignments, taking the SAT, volunteer work, and school Varsity Golf. Perseverance has helped me to balance this busy schedule and allowed me to keep it enjoyable and have a thirst for more. This has also been a huge factor to my success in my golf game. While my peers get tired after playing 18 holes, I have the strength and energy to play 9 holes more. Irrespective of the weather conditions, I am always ready for a game. Perseverance has helped me to catapult to another level of performance, resulting me to become a better player and a better person because of it. When I will be faced with a difficult task, I can always remember STAR to help me persevere through any situation. Perseverance has helped me the most in my journey through life. I can’t wait to try bigger and better things, knowing I have this core value by my side.

Which core value have you employed to help someone else achieve their goals?

To be confident in your abilities means to identify something you are doing well in regardless of the outcomes. My friends and I have gone through quite a few difficult things in our high school career, but none were as difficult as the SAT. This four hour test is an arduous journey of Math and Critical Reading skills that has a huge effect on your college applications. Talk about pressure. A goal my friend, Brian, had for the longest time was to score above 1400 on the SAT. We had just been dropped off at the test center and he started to have anxious thoughts. As a concerned friend, I wanted to help him, hence I discussed with him that he had studied for this test for a long time and that he had to remain confident in his abilities. I again reminded him before we entered the test room. In the end, his score was well above his goal and I was proud of him and his efforts. I was glad to have utilized the core value of Confidence to help Brian achieve his goal and hope I can do the same for many others in the future.

Identify a lesson that you have learned from a mentor, peer or role model that you have translated into your daily life.

Many of us are fortunate to have a role-model that we look up to. For me, that person is my Uncle, who is an admirable PMnR Doctor and still finds time to play in two rock bands. As a young person, I had always wanted to complete anything I could get my hands on and excel at it. This mindset has sometimes come at the expense of having fun with friends. On one particularly stressful day, I was visiting my Uncle with family and he noticed my stressful demeanor. To ease my mind, he narrated a story. As a young adult during his college, he was miserable everyday when preparing for the MCATs and refused to go to parties or hang out with his friends. He mentioned to me that while studying is important, it is also important to engage in fun activities. I have employed this valuable lesson in my daily life and it has allowed me to have a calm mind while completing onerous tasks. My Uncle played a large role in sculpting who I am today, and it is because of him I take interest in music and am even looking to have a career in medicine.