The First Tee of Indiana

Which of The First Tee Nine Core Values has helped you the most on your personal journey to become a better student, citizen, golfer or better prepared for life?

All of the 9 The core values have helped me throughout my FIRST TEE journey. In my experiences on and off the sports field I use these three alot in my daily life: Sportsmanship; Respect; and Responsibility. Participating in the First Tee program has truly strengthened my Sportsmanship skillset. I collaborate well with others and positively encourage my team members and peers at school. These core values teach me by Respecting myself and showing Responsibility to help others is to be a role model. I do so by volunteering at THE COBURN PLACE Women’s, Children Home SAFE SHELTER, GOODWILL INDUSTRIES, Lords pantry and St. Vincent De Paul Society Food Pantries during my school Spring, Fall, and Winter breaks. I take this Responsibility seriously and have fun doing so. Developing and utilizing all of the CORE Values has shown me self awareness and recognition of both my strengths and weaknesses which I work on daily. Using the skills I’ve learned in the program constantly pushes me to continue to do more for others. The Respect I have for others and the game of golf hopefully shows through my actions and prepares me for THE WORLD STAGE!

Which core value have you employed to help someone else achieve their goals?

The core values I’ve employed to help others were: Perseverance; Judgment and Honesty. Whether it’s complimenting another’s golf shot, a firm handshake at the end of the match or tutoring a struggling classmate in Algebra, I try my best to be a good citizen by my actions. This made me feel so proud when this peer received a better grade on her test because of my help. I work with my teammates in basketball who need help with free throw shots and to not be so hard on themselves. When a friend was about to make a bad teen decision, I was Honest with her and told her use better Judgment not to do it as it would hurt herself, family and her future. Social Media cannot rule us nor be taken lightly with our age group! When I have a goal I want to achieve I Persevere and don’t stop until I have accomplished it or got close. The life lessons that my parents have instilled in me along with the re-enforcement of my First Tee guides me to assist others. It makes me feel so happy when others achieve their own goals because of my tiny contribution.

Identify a lesson that you have learned from a mentor, peer or role model that you have translated into your daily life.

My number one role model is my Grandmother (Nammie). She has taught me so much throughout my life: Philanthropy and to give back! This is why I volunteer my free time at Food Pantries. I use some of my Meridian Hills FORE CADDIE earnings to buy clothing and toiletries for Coburn Place. The most important lesson I think about and use in my everyday life is to be HONEST, have Integrity and try my hardest. I’ve learned to not take shortcuts, and to learn from my mistakes. This is so prominent in my daily life as I constantly face challenges in school, with friends, and peer pressures. Nammie says “if you do not focus on the material learned in classes it will show in your exam results. If you don’t practice with ALL of your GOLF clubs, you won’t understand what each can do for your game. Just try,” That is so true! Nammie taught me that I’ll always come across a new experience and have to make decisions. As long as I learn, whether good or bad, shows true character. I can either learn from mistakes or run from them; however, I will never choose the latter.