The First Tee of Silicon Valley

Working with a “Go-To-Team” helps you become a better student, better citizen, better golfer, and better prepared for life. How has working with a “Go-To-Team” had a positive impact on one of these areas for you?

The biggest area my “Go-To Team” has positively impacted me in is becoming a better citizen. Members on my “Go-To Team” come from completely different political sides, and because of this I’ve been able to hear both perspectives and be able to gain my own opinion on subjects. My perspective on this world has shaped me into a better citizen. For example, the debate over gun control has come up frequently. Only 3 months into 2018, and the lives of 25 students have been taken away. After hearing both viewpoints, pro and against guns, my outlook on the subject formed; there has to be stricter gun control laws. On March 14, 2018, I participated in a national school walkout in order to show congress this nation’s next generation is willing to rise up for our safety. Though I am only one person out of the 1 million students that participated, a small act makes a huge impact. Thanks to my opinion my “Go-To Team” helped me form, I am more involved in my community towards fighting for what I believe is equitable and I’m more determined than ever to leave the world a better place than when I found it.

Discuss a time you were part of someone’s “Go-To-Team.” How did you help them become better at achieving their goal or goals?

I’m going to be honest. I’ve never helped someone accomplish an enormous goal, but I have helped my “Go-To Team” achieve certain little goals. I had a friend who never liked going up to teachers to ask for help, and in order for her to overcome this fear, every time she needed help from a teacher, I would go with her to make her feel more comfortable. Overtime, her fear slowly faded away and now she is perfectly comfortable going up to teachers alone. Another example is in orchestra. My friend and I both received solo parts and for her, her nerves get in the way of her incredible playing. In the course of 3 months, she had 4 breakdowns. I made sure I was there supporting her through every breakdown, and every tear. After practice, I’d make sure to remind her of how incredible her playing was, and that I believed in her. These are only 2 examples of how I’ve helped people achieve certain small goals and though they may not seem significant, to me, a “Go-To Team” doesn’t need to help you with extreme issues. They help you through everything, big or small.

Tell us about a mentor or role model with whom you have built a quality relationship. How had this individual helped you achieve your personal goals?

My role model always will be my best friend. Interesting choice, one might think, but she inspires me every day. Just like my life took a toll in freshman year, this essay is about to as well. Not long ago, depression crept into my life. There was nothing I could do to control this mental illness, and I felt hopeless. Insecurities and suicidal thoughts grew in my head, and I constantly felt like a disappointment. My role with my family and friends was to be the “happy” girl. With the direction my mental health headed in, I didn’t know how to get that “happy” girl back. My best friend, never once, left my side. She had her own hardships, yet she poured her heart and soul into helping me. She was always there to listen and even through our fights, she made sure I knew she was still there for me. She taught me it’s ok to not be okay. I won’t lie and say it’s better, because it’s not, but now I’m heading towards the right direction of being happy again. She gives me hope that maybe someday, maybe not now or soon, but someday, everything will be okay.