The First Tee of Metropolitan New York

Which of The First Tee Nine Core Values has helped you the most on your personal journey to become a better student, citizen, golfer or better prepared for life?

The core value that has been the foundation of my personal journey is judgment. This value guides me throughout my decision making process. It is my compass which puts me on the right path toward success. Relying on my core judgment helps me to refine my decisions. The cumulative outcomes of all my experiences and choices form the basis of me! My understanding of myself and the path I wish to take is based on my appreciation for service to community and compassion for others. By using my judgment I am able to discern the pros and cons of the situation to make my decision. I know that to reach my goals and dreams I must trust my judgment.

Which core value have you employed to help someone else achieve their goals?

The core value I utilized the most when I help another achieve their goals, is responsibility. I feel it is my responsibility to help another attain their goals because that is what I believe friendship is all about. Service to another is something I believe one should do especially when that person is working toward an important goal. It’s my duty and responsibility to extend a helping hand! When another member of the community needs support, I am obliged to assist. Working together we challenged and relied upon on each other. Her goal was my goal. It was remarkable how meaningful it was to me to know she would accomplish her goal and that I had a part in her success. I believe in the saying “many hands do light work.”

Identify a lesson that you have learned from a mentor, peer or role model that you have translated into your daily life.

A mentor taught me that I should seek to be a positive force on others and myself. This is the lesson I have incorporated into my daily life. My mentor is a very positive person and her example has definitely rubbed off on me. After putting her positive message to work, I find I am able to confidently approach any situation. This liberates me to positively affect others. I chose to be positive in my relationships no matter how I am feeling or what’s going on in my life. At first it was challenging, but like a magic wand I started to see productive changes in myself and others. While it may not be possible to remain positive or to inspire others all the time, it is a goal I set for myself.