The First Tee of Greater Charlotte

Working with a “Go-To-Team” helps you become a better student, better citizen, better golfer, and better prepared for life. How has working with a “Go-To-Team” had a positive impact on one of these areas for you?

My Go-To-Team’s life changing impact on helping me be better prepared for life was solidified when I attended The First Tee Outstanding Participant Leadership Summit in 2017. I participated in workshops designed to fine-tune my skill sets and gain deeper insight into concepts of leadership, community service and volunteerism that would be beneficial to all aspects of my life. While the OPLS, I was tasked to craft plans for a service project that would have a positive impact on my chapter, school, or in my community. I chose to develop multiple opportunities to engage and educate parents on the benefits and positive outcomes children experience when they are given the opportunity to participate in both the National School Program and programs at First Tee chapters. I left the OPLS confident in my project because its foundation is based on the Nine Core Values and life skills I have mastered. My Go-To-Team has given me tools and continued support to make a sustainable impact with this exciting endeavor. I cannot express how grateful I am to my Go-To-Team for being so instrumental in helping me be better prepared for any roles I choose in life.

Discuss a time you were part of someone’s “Go-To-Team.” How did you help them become better at achieving their goal or goals?

I have been on the Go-To-Team of a close friend since middle school when I became a peer tutor with the Exceptional Student Program. As a peer tutor, I helped her engage in thought provoking conversations, complete school work and play games that focused on improving her social and life skills. Over the years, I have been blessed to be on her Go-To-Team not only as a peer tutor, but as a friend as well. When she turned 16 years old, she was eligible to attend Joy Prom. Her mom asked me if I would help pick out a prom dress and be my friend’s hostess for the prom. Nothing would have stopped me from helping her experience this memorable goal. Picking out perfect prom dresses and attending Joy Prom the last two years has brought her so much joy! I love seeing her so happy. My friend has grown from a timid child who would rarely start conversations to a confident, bubbly junior who called me when she got her first cell phone to tell me about her day. I am so proud to be on her Go-To-Team, and I am excited to be a part of her future.

Tell us about a mentor or role model with whom you have built a quality relationship. How had this individual helped you achieve your personal goals?

I could write a book about Ian Bollinger, Director of Instruction at The First Tee of Greater Charlotte, detailing all the support, encouragement, and resolve he has shown me the last five years as he helped me achieve so many goals. Coach B has been a mentor for me from the first day of class when he handed me a plastic club and a wiffle ball, to the day he told me I had become the first ever Ace Certified Participant with The First Tee of Greater Charlotte Chapter. Coach B has helped me improve my golf swing, encouraged me to become a leader and grow as a volunteer as well as a youth coach for all levels at The First Tee. He was my Go-To-Team champion every step of the way as I completed my Ace Certification process. He made me understand the importance of focusing on the process and strategies used to achieve goals. Coach B embodies the essence of The First Tee Program because he lives and breathes the Nine Core Values. I am so thankful to Coach B for believing in me and encouraging me to believe in myself.