Gerry Jones: Well, I was three years old when I received my first set of real golf clubs. But before that I always had little plastic clubs I would swing around the house. And I went with my dad out to the course several times a week.

Great shot, Gerry.

Gerry Jones: At first, it was just for fun. I was just trying to whack the ball. But then, once I was five years old, I started with The First Tee and then everything just sky rocketed from there.

Today we’re going to talk about how we can control [inaudible].

Our slogan is, “more than a game,” because what we want to emphasize here are the core values and the principles like honesty and integrity and sportsmanship and perseverance. So, when they come out of a class or a program, they’re leaving with skills that we hope they’re using at home and in school. We like to the think we are building better communities here one child at a time.

Immediately it made an impact. Each day we would reference one of the values. We just had fun with it, but we try very hard to help them understand that The First Tee wanted him to grow more than just his game.

Gerry is one of those kids that reminds you how fortunate you are to work in a program that builds not only great golfers, but also better people.

He’s become a pretty selfless person. Not a selfish person. What you see with him right now is the result of a lot of his First Tee core values.

Gerry Jones: The core value of perseverance, that’s my favorite because I believe that every day, whatever you do, you should try to do the better than the day before.

Now he has come full circle so at the age of 16 he is giving back to our littlest golfers and teaching them really all the lessons that he learned as a young boy.

He’s becoming a role model for a lot of younger people and he’s taken that responsibility seriously.

Gerry Jones: I really want to pass on what I’ve learned to the next – you know, to these younger kids that are starting to grow up and helping them be future leaders themselves.

It is my great honor to announce that you have been selected as Wells Fargo’s grand prize winner in the 2017 Succeeding Together essay contest.

I’m completely excited for him. I’m like, “Wow.”

It’s a great honor for us as his parents.

Oh, my goodness.

Very, very proud of him.

Gerry Jones: It’s really a true honor. I can’t wait to go down there. It’s going to be a blast.

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