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>> Meghna Mazumdar: If you can hit it like nice and straight down the fairway it’s always a great experience. My mid game has improved tremendously. Coach Ted always used to say, “The green is where the game is won.” My name is Meghna Mazumdar. I’m 13-years-old and I’m the grand prize winner of the Wells Fargo Succeeding Together Essay Contest. I started playing golf when I was six-years-old. Coach Ted and Coach Marty were my first coaches at the First Tee of Connecticut. The experience is way beyond golf itself. We talk about life lessons, setting goal ladders where not only in golf can you say, like OK I want to improve my putting by doing this, this, and this, I also can use that if I’m like studying for a test or something. A Go To Team is a group of people who you could always feel free to count on. A lot of my coaches at the First Tee are actually on my Go To Team and I feel like I can go to them if I have a problem with golf or even beyond that. I started investing one and a half years ago. After I took the class called “The Stock Market Game” and it was just a really cool experience. I wrote a letter to Mr. Warren Buffett. I pretty much just told him what my goals are and what I’m trying to do. Within a couple of weeks he responded and I was astonished. He sent back a handwritten note with his own signature at the bottom and everything.

>> Manu Mazumdar: The First Tee has contributed not just in golf but in making Meghna a more complete person.

>> Ruki Mazumdar: One of things that they teach is something they called “Personal Par”. So improving throughout life. That is a tremendous concept she got from The First Tee.

>> Mark Moriarty: The young people coming through The First Tee are becoming more confident, more responsible in becoming good leaders and developing those skills that will prove worthwhile as they move along in life.

>> Ted Pisk: My hope is that first of all she has fun. Second that she learn something and that she goes even further than this great honor that she has now.

>> Meghna Mazumdar: This is just a really big moment for me being able to play with some of the top PGA professionals. It’s just such a great way to start the season. I would have never even dreamed or imagined that this would be possible and all thanks really to my family and everyone who has set me on the path to success.

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