Hi, my name is Jack Kane. I’m a 16-year-old sophomore in high school. I’ve been a member of the First Tee of Connecticut for six years, and I’m currently in the ace level.

When I was younger, my course management was lacking. I would often hit risky shots that didn’t have a good chance of turning out well. Now my course management has developed, and I hit the smarter shots and I score better as a result of it. Two summers ago, I struggled through a tough back injury. The First Tee’s life skill perseverance helped me to push through this tough obstacle and become a better golfer as a result of it. As a young adolescent, I oftentimes struggle with meeting new people. I wouldn’t want to shake their hand and look them in the eye and tell them my name, but now, as a mature adult, I have no problem going up, shaking someone’s hand, looking them in the eye, and saying, “Hi. My name is Jack Kane. How are you today?” When I was younger, I used to struggle with a place to play. The First Tee has instilled upon me a sense of responsibility and now I am more conscious of how my pace affects others on the course. Confidence has never really been an issue for me, but with the First Tee I’ve been reassured never to be afraid of a shot that may present itself on the course. As a younger golfer, I never really had a respect for the course or my playing partners. Now since the First Tee has instilled upon me a sense of integrity, I always go up and shake the player’s hand and introduce myself and repair the course when necessary. With the help of the First Tee, I’ve become more honest with myself about my abilities as a golfer. My favorite golf coach, Mr. Lyndsay Hanson, helped me to realize that I was not the best player out there. When I was younger, I was oftentimes overly confident and thought I was the best player out there, but he helped me realize that there’s always someone out there working harder than me and now I’ve pushed myself to work as hard as I possibly can to be the best golfer that I can be. After attending The First Tee Life Skills Leadership Academy, I committed myself to honing my golf skills enough to qualify for the Hank Haney I.J.G.A. Academy. Coach Hanson helped me to raise my golf game to an entirely new level. I not only attended I. J. G. A. Academy. I succeeded there.

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