Hi. I’m Caroline Cole, and I’m so excited having you meet my pitcher Bruce Sundren. Come along with me as I tell you about him. At an age when most people retired, Bruce has remained immersed in the game of golf by helping young golfers. I met Bruce the summer before my freshmen year of high school. Our paths crossed at the [inaudible] Practice Range. He noticed me when I mostly didn’t want to be noticed. The next thing I knew, I was getting a checkup as Bruce calls it. I was grateful for his 15 minutes of advice. That brief instruction was a confidence booster and a message of sorts to keep practicing and I would get better. Two months and many checkups later, I was trying out for my high school team where I played number two as a freshman. Bruce has helped me build my confidence by teaching me how to be prepared. He has worked with me to be complete player by devoting just as much time to my [inaudible] putting [inaudible]. He has helped me set goals along the way. One of which is consistently [inaudible]. I am now shooting in the 80s. I led my team to win the [inaudible] 1A conference title and was named player of the year. I also competed in the NC State High School Championship two years in a row. It’s hard to believe I met Bruce just one year ago when I picked up my first clubs. He has helped me have the confidence in my abilities on and off the course. Just this past week, I was at the First Tee. I was by far the oldest kid there, but in no time, I had met some new young friends. These little kids looked up to me almost immediately because in their words, I could hit the ball so far. I immediately knew it was my turn. I recognized the opportunity to build their confidence with advice and words of assurance that they would be hitting the ball well past me in no time. Maybe at our next session together, I will tell them that the First Tee’s 94 values will help them take the road less traveled. The road can sometimes be rough. There are water hazards, [inaudible], and out of bound markers, [inaudible], but there is also the First Tee. Our family mentors and characters all there to help us succeed together. Thanks Wells Fargo. Thanks First Tee, and thanks [inaudible] for all being awesome.

That was good. Nice and long and half.

It was not long [inaudible].

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